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Disposable Food Package

~online orders now available~

Craving sweets?
Place an online order for a baked treat
from today's bakery storefront selection.  Your order will be boxed and ready for you to pickup when you arrive. 

Delivery options are also available. 

(The delivery for online orders will be provided through a third party vendor, not Main Street Cake.  The vendor's fee will be added to your online order.)

It's easy to order 
from our online storefront!

1.  Select in-store pickup or delivery
2.  Choose items from today's bakery storefront selection.
3.  Pay online.

Click the "Today's Menu" button
to get started.

Notes and Reminders:
The online ordering menu is updated with our fresh-baked, daily selections between 11am and 12Noon each day our storefront is open.

Due to popularity, many items sell out during the day. 
Our online menu will be updated throughout the day
so you will know what is currently available for purchase. 

We fresh-bake daily, so check back each day for new selections!

We are not able to sell our "Spiked Selections" online. 
These items may be available in our bakery storefront, but
will not be shown on our online ordering menu.

If you are interested in a whole cake or a custom order,
please complete our order forms found here:


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